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Thousands of unique Pembroke Welsh Corgi t-shirts & gifts!

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A fabulous selection of Pembroke Welsh Corgi t-shirts, featuring that unmistakable silhouette of this short herding breed!

Pembroke Welsh Corgi dad t-shirts and mugs! This design is printed in navy blue or white, with Dad in the center, in an oval, and two corgi silhouettes flanking it. Perfect as a Father's Day gift!
Corgi Dad
Awesome Pembroke Welsh Corgi mother's day gifts! Our purple corgi mom t-shirts have an argyle style in the center, complete with a dog silhouette. Great way to show your love for this short-legged dog breed!
Corgi Mom
Funky Pembroke Welsh Corgi apparel has purple, pink, and blue boxes, with a black silhouette in the middle. There's a daisy, and two pink paw prints at the bottom. Groovy, man!
Groovy Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Awesome Pembroke Welsh Corgi tshirts for dog lovers. A very light lilac Pembroke Welsh Corgi silhouette stands in front of a chaotic maelstrom of purple swirls and dots.
Purple Swirl
Peace, Love, and Pembroke Welsh Corgis shirts. The world couldn't ask for anything better! This pretty dog lover apparel has a green peace sign, purple heart, and blue dog breed silhouette, all in a row.
Pastel Peace, Love, and Corgis
Our firey corgi gifts have yellow, red, and orange chaos in the center, with a dog silhouette and breed name stamped inside. Very bright and colorful!
Fire Splatter
Funny Pembroke Welsh Corgi t-shirts have a dog silhouette in the center, surrounded by bright yellow and black & white checkerboard. Text reads, "Pembroke Welsh Corgi Taxi Service." Because sometimes it seems like that's all you do!
Taxi Service
Little Legs - BIG ATTITUDE! Funny Pembroke Welsh Corgi gear for dog owners of this dwarf herding breed. Green and red text with a blue dog breed silhouette. Hilarious and unique corgi gifts.
BIG Attitude
My Pembroke Welsh Corgi is Extremely NAUGHTY! Funny corgi items for the dog owner whose pooch is a little less than obedient. There is mud and paw prints all over the shirt, with a small silhouette to the left.
Extremely Naughty
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