Who is Corgi Chaos?

Corgi Chaos is an online store, in operation since early 2005. It operates as an offshoot of its parent company, Menagerie Mayhem. As the selection of designs grew, Corgi Chaos separated off into an independent store to make it easier to cater to corgi customers. All products offered here are Print On Demand (POD), which means they are printed just for you, and only when you order them. We have created a fantastic collection of Pembroke Welsh Corgi gifts.

Who runs Corgi Chaos?

My name is Susan, I live in Ohio, and I am the owner of this store and its parent company. This is my full-time job. I am owned by a little red and white corgi, and you can find more information on him and his super powers by clicking on “About Merlin” Underneath the “About” section. There are actually five dogs in my household, and when you add a corgi into the mix, well… things get interesting! Every day I am surprised with another new behavior or action that makes me think these little dogs are just playing along…

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